About Us

I. Global Professional Store – A new wind of online retail industry

Taking advantage of smart utilities 4.0 in purchasing products, Global Professional Store helps consumers do not have to take it to the place but still owns extremely quality products and preferential prices. We are the professional company in the field of direct import and professional distribution of high quality children’s toys, home decoration items, multi-purpose kitchen appliances and utilities, apparel, jewelry, .... Put the customer benefits first, so when you visit globalprostore.com, you will enjoy endless shopping space with diverse product models, competitive prices and payment policies, return and warranty, thoughtful and transparent aftermarket. We believe that will bring customers the highest satisfaction about products and care services.

Currently, Global Professional Store website provides all the necessary information about products (include photos, videos, instruction, ...), payment methods, shipping and warranty, so you can easily understand how to buy and easily choose. At the same time, customers can ask questions online via page "Contact Us"or send an email directly via our support email support@globalprostore.com. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, our support team will very glad to answer your questions

Global Professional Store promise all of our products are genuine, have clear origins and and are under strict quality control by the factory and our order processing team. We aims to build a staff that is rich in knowledge and creativity, enthusiasm, professionalism and responsibility. In particular, experienced, professional and highly trained staff from the company will always support enthusiastically when customers need. Moreover, due to being the No. 1 strategic partner of the world’s leading brands of children’s toys, Global Professional Store owns a wide range of available and diversified products, suitable for all people. By cutting intermediary costs, the product price is much cheaper than traditional sales, thereby helping you to save a considerable amount of money. 

Due to the characteristics of the business, we set the safety and quality criteria first, accompanied by competitive prices of products, combined to bring the best value to customers. Global Professional Store always strives for its customers to be the best service provider, providing customers with quality products.

II. Why should Global Professional Store be the ideal shopping place?


Strict Selection of High-quality Suppliers

Suppliers on Global Professional Store are managed through a professional rating system to select top suppliers and optimize the procurement of quality goods, while at the same time, maintain the comprehensiveness of product categories.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Through the comprehensive quality control, all products are guaranteed to be genuine. Global Professional Store strictly follows five steps of CITST quality control, namely Checking suppliers, Inspecting production, Testing sample quality, Spot-checking products, Tracking after sales, ensuring all products meet a consistant quality standard and users’ requirements.



Direct Procurement, Best Price

Supported by Globalegrow’s premium supply chains and self-built supplier repository, Global Professional Store has got advantage and independence in pricing, providing the cost-effecient products with great quality to global users.




Global Professional Store associates with many shipping companies, provides the most cost-efficient delivery service covering 200+ countries and regions, most of which enjoy free door-to-door delivery.



Global Professional Store has 3 overseas warehouses including:

USA warehouse: 8216 San Jose dt, Arlington, TX 76002;

UK warehouse: Sheffield S1, UK;

Russian: St. Petersburg 197022, Russian;

and 1 main office in Viennoi, Unghoa, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam.


Global Professional Store provides payment methods on PayPal platform for the convenience and safe of worldwide users. Global Professional Store risk control system ensures your payment security.


With the strength of the company, we hope that in the near future, Global Professional Store will become a traditional partner of customers as a supplier of mechanical equipment with reasonable prices, good quality and Perfect after-sales service. The satisfaction and trust of customers is the source of prosperity and development of our staff.

Global Professional Store – A place of trust for every near and far customer!