Payment FAQs

Here at Special Gifts we are consumers and buyers ourselves thus we understand the fears of online frauds and credit card scams. PayPal offers Buyer protection and favors consumers by providing a secure gateway and good refund policies. This is why we advocate using PayPal to complete your transactions here safely without any credit card risks.

PayPal Secured Payment

If you have a PayPal account, do checkout with PayPal and login to complete your purchase accordingly. 

If you don't have PayPal account, please follow the bellow step to complete your purchase:

1. Ensure that the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option is selected

The button below might appear instead as "Check Out as Guest".

Checkout as Guest

2. Check your order info and ensure it is correct

Check your order info

3. Enter your credit card details

You may also be required to fill in your Address, Phone Number, and E-mail Address, depending on your country of residence. 

Fill your Billing and Shipping Address


4. When you are done, click on "Continue" and wait for checkout process to complete


After payment, you will shortly receive your order confirmation email to confirm your purchase. Enjoy shopping at our store! :)


1. Why I am not being re-directed to the PayPal payment page?

There might be an error with your browser's PayPal cookies. To fix this, try deleting your cookies.

2. Why is PayPal not accepting my credit card?

Checkout process might fail for these reasons:

  • The billing address associated with the financial instrument could not be confirmed.
  • The transaction exceeds the card limit.
  • The transaction was denied by the card issuer.

Please double check the credit card details you have inputted in the PayPal payment page. If you have already ensured that all your details are correct, there is a possibility that you currently own a PayPal account and that it is already linked to your credit card. If that is the case, you can either log into your PayPal account and proceed with payment, or use another credit card to complete the purchase instead.

3. Why am I unable to find a "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option?

Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow direct credit card payment under certain circumstances. This could be due to your geographical location, or the ownership of a PayPal account. You could try to circumvent this problem by deleting your cookies.

4. I have an unauthorized payment on my bank statement. What do I do?

Please contact us via email We'll work with you and do what we can to resolve the issue. We will need to collect some information from you in the process, primarily for locating the offending order and for verifying you as the card owner. As the card is likely to be closed as a result of fraud, we will need a front and back photo of it. We will also need a photo of the bank statement showing the charge; the amount and date in particular are very important here.

Here's what you can expect to happen, based on the status of the order. Each order has three phases of fulfillment, and handling of your fraud claim will depend on the phase in which it resides.

1: The order has not yet left the warehouse. In this case, it is as easy as us cancelling the order and submitting a refund, which will then put it into the processing hands of your bank.

2: The order is in transit. In most cases, we can intercept the order, marking it to return to sender. If it is possible for us to do this, then we will treat it as an immediate cancel and refund, as above.

2b: If the order cannot be intercepted, because it is too late in transit, or due to it being of a lower service level, then it will be treated as a delivered order. Please see the next point.

3: The order has been delivered. In this case, we cannot issue an immediate refund, as we have no way to recall our product, and we must protect ourselves against falsified fraud claims. To continue with your fraud claim, we recommend talking with your bank and following their fraud claim process. We will receive notice of the claim through our payment gateway and handle it accordingly.

In any of these cases, we will be happy to provide you with information requested for a police report or similar fraud claiming processes, assuming you are able to verify yourself as the card owner.